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Founder Speaks


“ We all love our cup of Joe, be it the one which is our wake up call or the 2 am cup full of memories. Although coffee means different to each one of us, not many of us know what we’re having. El Bueno keeps it transparent and brings forward a range of flavors and blends that are young and exciting. ”


El Bueno

EL Bueno is an effort to bring out the goodness in your cup of coffee. The good coffee is set into motion when the seeds are sown for the beautiful plants that sprout into red cherries, followed by handpicking them to give you only the best of flavours. The fruit goes through various processes and eventually turns into the perfect green bean. The roastmaster then starts performing his magic on the beans and gives them the beautiful brown colour, and finally, the barista gets to romance with the roasted beans, every stage contributes to THE GOOD COFFEE.
With an endeavour to help you engage more with your coffee, we’ve tried to make our coffees very relatable to you, so that your cup just doesn’t have coffee, it has El Bueno coffee.
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