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El Bueno means ‘the good’ and the reason we came up with this name is that we wanted it to focus on promoting every good element that consists in coffee as well as its story.

We came up with the roastery as an effort to make people understand that coffee is not just a regular beverage, it’s something that brings people, ideas, and thoughts together. Therefore, along with roasting some of the finest coffees, our goal also extends to educating people about them in whatever manner we can.  

However, we felt that coffee had become very complicated for people to understand and hence they couldn’t really figure out what their preference was. So, we came up with fun and relatable names for our coffees to make them understand better and most importantly, appreciate their coffee!

Starting from a small idea to now an up and running roastery, we’ve always tried to do our bit for the coffee community and we hope to keep roasting some amazing coffees, making a difference, one cup at a time.


“Passion defines a person and courage to follow it is the most appreciated quality.”
Manvi Gupta (Founder, El Bueno Coffee Roasters)

El Bueno

EL Bueno is an effort to bring out the goodness in your cup of coffee. The good coffee is set into motion when the seeds are sown for the beautiful plants that sprout into red cherries, followed by handpicking them to give you only the best of flavours. The fruit goes through various processes and eventually turns into the perfect green bean. The roastmaster then starts performing his magic on the beans and gives them the beautiful brown colour, and finally, the barista gets to romance with the roasted beans, every stage contributes to THE GOOD COFFEE.
With an endeavour to help you engage more with your coffee, we’ve tried to make our coffees very relatable to you, so that your cup just doesn’t have coffee, it has El Bueno coffee.