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‘El Bueno’, Spanish for ‘the good’, is a name inspired by our passion to shine a light on all ‘the good’ elements in the journey of our coffee beans, from their meticulous cultivation on farms, to being carefully roasted, right up to the delicious brew in your cup.

El Bueno aims to demonstrate that coffee is more than an ordinary caffeinated beverage— it’s something that brings together people, and ideas. Therefore, our goal is to not only put out masterfully roasted coffees but to also educate people about them. In an effort to simplify entry to the world of speciality coffee, we give our coffees fun and colorful names, offer you the option to start with small 100-gram bags, and grind coffee for home equipment (channi grind).

From a small business idea to a now up and running roastery, we strive to improve your coffee experience and enrich the coffee community. We hope to continue roasting amazing coffees, making a difference one cup at a time.


“Passion defines a person and the courage to follow it is the most appreciated quality.”
Manvi Gupta (Founder, El Bueno Coffee Roasters)

El Bueno

El Bueno endeavours to highlight the goodness in your cuppa. The good coffee sets into motion when the seeds are sown for the beautiful plants that sprout into red cherries, which are hand-picked to bring you only the best flavours. The fruit goes through scrupulous processing and eventually turns into the perfect green bean. Our roastmaster then performs his magic on the beans and gives them their beautiful brown color, and finally, the barista creates art from the freshly-roasted beans. Every stage contributes to The Good Coffee.
We put our heart into making your coffee exciting so that your cup doesn’t just have coffee, it has El Bueno coffee.